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Here is Seema’s Story:

I moved to the United States a year ago with my elderly parents, husband and two small children. Even though I feel like I am always running around, I gained a lot of weight since moving here. I don’t walk around as much in Long Island as I did back home. Here, you need a car to get around. Last week, I went to the ER because I knew I had a urine infection. I had been going to the bathroom a lot the last few months and was always thirsty. The doctor did a quick blood test and checked my urine. It turns out that I did have a urine infection, but I also have diabetes.

I was scared because several of my sisters have diabetes. I know you must take many medications and spend money to see the doctor often. I don’t have insurance. I know that when you have diabetes, you are supposed to eat healthy and exercise, too. I don’t have money to go to a gym or buy special groceries. It is only my husband who is supporting everyone in our home.

The ER doctor started me on a medication for the diabetes. She said it was a very low-cost generic medication. She said there are many pharmacies that offer generic medications at low prices. Also, certain community health centers like the Long Island FQHC have special funding.

The doctor gave me information for a health center near me where I could get low-cost medical care. She said the center would have a nutritionist and a community health advocate who would be able to help me find other resources. Although the ER doctor spoke my native language, she said this type of health center would have the ability to speak with me, too. The next day, I walked into the health center. Because they had a same-day visit, I was able to meet my new family doctor that day. She used a translator on the phone to speak with me. She asked that I talk with a nurse who gave me more information about my new diagnosis of diabetes. I was so happy the nurse spoke my language.

Later, I sat with the Community Health Advocate. He said that I should be able to get a health insurance plan that I did not have to pay for. He gave me information about where to go and apply for this insurance. He also gave me a list of exercise gyms in the area that were low-cost. Finally, I was able to sit with the nutritionist who gave me a list of pantries where I could get free food. She also gave me links to online sites where I could learn more about diabetes. She showed me how to eat healthy even when I didn’t have a lot of money. I did not know I could get so much help in one place — and in my language! I am still nervous about staying healthy with my diabetes. But I now have a lot of information and a team that can help me stay healthy in a way I can afford.
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