Nassau County Health
Is Our Mission

Nassau County Health
Is Our Mission

Try different kinds of veggies

Getting bored of eating salad at every meal? Get creative with your veggies – steam, stew or grill them. Try adding veggies to foods you enjoy, like scrambled eggs.

Avoid fried foods

Grilling, steaming, stewing or sautéing with a small amount of fat (like olive oil) are better options.

Go for lean proteins

These include beans, nuts, fish, chicken, eggs and low-fat dairy.

Eat healthy fruits in small portions

Fruits are okay for most people with diabetes. Fruits give you carbs so enjoy them in smaller portions.

The Long Island FQHC, Inc. is a family health center that provides comprehensive primary and specialty care for the whole family. We provide services for all adult, pediatric, OB/GYN, Behavioral health and dental care needs at several location throughout Nassau County. We will see patients regardless of their ability to pay and regardless of citizenship status.

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